🔥 About Us 🔥

Kiba is developed and maintained by BlockX Labs, a leading blockchain development team based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Industry Leaderhsip

    BlockX Labs has over a dozen publicly-deployed projects, and has serviced high-profile customers including Polkadot, Deloitte, Metaverse, Aion and MolochDAO.
  • Veteran Team

    We are experience-driven developers (both UX and DX!) who believe that the digital future lies in pseudonymous online interactions that are accessible to everyone.
  • Visionary Product

    Kiba is our flagship product, after spending four years supporting the development of major blockchain networks and services that have been deployed around the world.

Our Team

  • Chinmay Patel
    Co-Founder and ceo
  • Kush Patel
    cofounder and cto
  • Ezadkiel "zad" marbella
    co-founder and solutions architect
  • Harris Maxwell
  • Dhruvin Parikh
    blockchain developer
  • Kuntesh Patel
    Blockchain Developer
  • Jiadong Hu
    Software Developer

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